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Is Your Business Looking to Downsize on Filing?

Are you inundated by the amount of paper your company is filing every day? Proposals, business contracts, mails, business permits, inventory, plans, client files—the list of paper-based documents a company handles goes on and on. All these paper documents take up a lot of commercial property space. A company would also need staffs to reproduce copies, store, and manage them so the documents can be easily located and retrieved when needed.

If you’re company is looking for a way to address this issue in a fiscally and secure way, a paperless document management system is the solution. A document management system eliminates the need for hard copies and physical storage system by putting all your paper files into a single computer-based storage system.

By going paperless, downsizing on filing without losing your documents become possible. Going paperless makes fiscal sense as it saves money and time, improves a company’s workflow processes, and increases productivity. A paperless office enjoys the following benefits:

• Reduced costs associated with reproducing and storing paper documents.
• Reduced need for storage units and space for storage units, giving you a neater, clutter-free office environment.
• Reduced overhead costs directed towards managing of documents.
• Faster and easier distribution and sharing of documents.
• Save time in locating and retrieving documents.
• Documents can be accessed by multiple users onsite and offsite.

How is Paperless Document Management Done?

First, your documents are scanned so they could be converted into electronic files. The converted files are then integrated into a structured storage system. The items are indexed, typically using keywords. Retrieving the documents can be done via the company’s computer network or over the Internet. Once integrated into a document manage system, business processes collaborating, tracking, managing revisions, and retrieving documents become simpler and more efficient.

Going paperless is good not only for business but also the earth as it reduces the amount of carbon footprint one leaves on the environment. It makes a lot of sense for companies to go paperless.

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