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What Does Document Management Do For You?

Imagine never losing a single document again. Imagine finding a particular document amidst thousands of documents in less than a minute. If you have document management system, you don’t have to imagine.

But What is Document Management?
Document management is the storing and tracking of virtual or digital documents and/or imaged documents. During recent years, we have seen a rise in the number of companies adopting document management to streamline their business processes.

Law firms, real estate, insurance companies, medical firms, and other paper-intensive companies who are always inundated by large volumes of paper documents have gone digital when it comes to managing their documents. Document management transforms the way offices manage document filing systems.

The tangible benefits it offers include:

  • Reduced storage space. The space required to store large volumes of documents can take up a lot of commercial property space. By scanning paper documents and shelving them into a digital document management system, the amount of storage space required by a paper-based filing system is significantly reduced.
  • Easy, customizable indexing. Document management systems allow indexing of documents in more ways than one. With physical documents, the only way to sort out documents is to clip them into a labeled folder, then shove it into a filing cabinet.
  • Easy document sharing and distribution. Digital document management eliminates time-consuming and laborious manual office-to-office document sharing and distribution. DMS allows multiple users from different locations to view the same files simultaneously.
  • Quick data retrieval. Locating your documents is quick and easy; you don’teven have to leave your desk. You can retrieve a document by category, filename, or simply by entering a word or phrase in the document (this is known as full-text search). You can locate any information in seconds.
  • No lost files. All documents in a DMS are centrally stored—you’d never lose or misplace a document again. Files are digitally archived and backed up. Even if your office is flooded or knocked down by a hurricane, you have the peace of mind that your documents are always safe and retrievable.

From these tangible benefits of digital document management flow a long list of intangible benefits for companies. The use of document management software allows you to improve the speed of business processes and increase your company’s productivity.

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