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Workflow Processes: Are Yours Efficient?

Are you still storing your documents in folders, then shoving the folders into filing cabinets? Do you distribute copies to colleagues by photocopying or reprinting the document, mailing them, or sending someone to the 8th and 14th floor to deliver them?

That sounds like a lot of headache-inducing work. It sounds costly, inefficient, and a slow way of pacing business processes.

Communicating information is the lifeline of any organization. However, as an organization grows, the volume of document one has to manage also grows. This can be an overwhelming task, so more and more organizations look for simple technological solutions to help them manage documents and records properly. Sound document management practices help organizations function more efficiently and increase productivity by allowing them to spend more time on core organizational tasks.

There’s no need to change the way your organization works to improve its efficiency. With the aid of a good document management system, your organization can continue to work as you have always done, while speeding up document distribution but without leaving documentation clutter. From a quick document search that lets you respond to customer inquiries quickly and professionally to workflow automation that speeds up
business processes, a document management system ensures that workflow is always smooth and timely. Even when organizations are spread over different locations, exchange and sharing of documents can be done without anyone leaving their desk.

A recent study conducted by PriceWaterHouseCoopers revealed the following:

  • 40% – time spent on managing documents
  • 20% – time spend on locating essential information within a document
  • 50% of the time- they can’t find what they’re looking for

You can reduce all of the above once you shift to a digital document management system. Your staff will be able work more efficiently and communicate more effectively. In other words, a digital document management system helps improve internal operations. The end results of accelerated, efficient workflow processes of course are increased productivity, competitive edge over business rivals, and customer satisfaction.

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