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Fare thee well Staple

Think of all the money your company could save if it never used staples again.

We have been scanning customer files for a couple of years now. I have the world’s largest staple collection* to prove it.

If you consider that the average file we scan contains 50 pages, I believe it is fair to say that each file also contains 15-20 staples.

I know some people will probably defend the usage of staples and some people (particularly lawyers, who seem to use staples even if there is only one page) may even feel staples are the unsung hero in business today. I am not here to fight or argue with you, I promise. I just want to show you how you can save your organization some dollars.

At Imaged Original, we have lots of really fast production scanners working day and night to make sure we hit our committed deadlines at our committed quotes. (We really do love your business). But to feed those really fast scanners we also have some not so quick (comparatively) document preparation humans cleaning your documents. These people are paid by the hour (We couldn’t afford to pay them by the staple).

Each scanner can scan about 110 pages per minute. Each human can find and remove about 5 staples per minute. Now, we have some of the best document prep staff around and they are extremely quick and thorough so I am not in any way slighting them for their speed but, removing staples is a time consuming process that has to be reflected in pricing.

Here is the cool part.

Now this only applies to those looking to reduce their costs. If you are happy with our rates and service, please stop reading here.

Ok, I know if everyone did as they were told no one would still be reading. We work hard to ensure our prices are competitive and our service is second to none. If you weren’t happy, we would have heard by now.

If you want to lower your costs and improve the turnaround time for your scanning… Stop using staples! Too easy.

A year or two ago there was a really neat device created that looks like it may make the staple go the way of the penny. It is called a paperclip. I think it is the next big thing. From all accounts it is closing in on the tablet computer as the must have gift of the season.

If you were to start using paperclips instead of staples, we would gladly return them to you! Also, if you were to use paperclips we would be able to reduce your cost per page in some cases by as much as 20%.

Where have you ever heard of one small change in your business practice reducing expenses by 20% (other than if we implemented a BPM solution for you, which would increase that 20% by lots)?

Phew! Now that the Staple issue has been addressed, my next post may be an effort to eliminate the “Sticky Note”. A problem that has been plaguing society for years. But that’s for another day.

* I have absolutely no data to verify this statement.

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