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Why Image?

If you are looking at this site, chances are you already have some motivation to make the change.

What is this change? Imaged Original can improve many aspects of your business with our services, and listed below are some examples.


Customer Satisfaction

Customers and business associates have come to expect immediate answers and results. Customer satisfaction is one of the few differentiators for many companies today. If a customer is not happy with the service provided by your company, they know they can find better service at your competitor.

Providing your customers with information should not be a process where you need to "get back" to them. The information you have should be available within seconds. Eliminating the call back to the customer is showing that you are on your game and ready to serve them.

By converting your paper documents to electronic images, you can provide that instant gratification customers have come to depend on.

Invoices, proof of delivery, registration information etc... can be located and distributed to those requiring them in seconds allowing your staff to focus on their core job function.


Disaster Recovery / Security / Contingency Planning

The inherent risks of storing your organizations important information on paper are obvious. Paper makes great fuel for fire, is not water resistant and is so very easy to lose or misplace.

Paper documents that have been converted to electronic images dramatically reduce the risk of loss or damage. Electronic images can easily be stored in a safety deposit box or included in your daily scheduled backups. This eliminates the "single point of failure" that has devastated so many organizations.


Freeing up Floor Space

Archived documents that are seldom accessed but are required to be kept for regulatory periods of time are taking up valuable floor space and costing potentially thousands of dollars each year. Electronic imaging is a quick and cost effective solution. Paper files that have been converted into electronic images take up less room than the staff coffee machine. Years worth of paper documents can be imaged in a matter of days.

The square footage you are currently using to house your paper documents once again becomes valuable space for you to use to run your business.


Eliminating Off Site File Storage

Off-site storage facilities are another common service organizations are using to store and maintain documents that are seldom looked at. The costs associated with such services are high and on-going. Monthly fees, access charges, courier cost and time wasted while waiting for those documents to be returned to your location for you to search through are eliminated once the decision to convert your paper documents to electronic images is made.

But don't stop at just imaging your documents

Explore our site to see how you can redevelop the way your business runs. Content Management lets you know what documents you have and exactly where they are. Automated workflow processes allows you to move information around your company and out to your customers. Fillable electronic forms provides quick and easy methods for collecting applications, orders and any other data you may require from clients to satisfy their needs. The only limit placed on making your office more efficient is your imagination.